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    Andrew D'Angelo - reeds
    Anders Hana - guitar
    Morten J. Olsen - drums

    Morthana, one might say, depicts butter and
    bonus rounds after a heavy night out. It has been
    said it’s a big colorful abstract painting.
    Peanutbutter and toast on canvas, ass green beans
    and about a hundred dollars in family plans.

    Morthana has released 2 albums, one on Jazzaway Records and another one on doubt musicfeaturing Mike Pride

    Morthana was most active in 2002-2005, but still occasionally plays.

    Trakk1 from the first album

    Anders and Morten met Andrew D'Angelo in a pissoir in 2001.
    -This is our bad ass movie from STING

    Morthana at Cementen

    Reviews of the first album:
    Review by Panorama Review by Groove Review by Puls