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    rune grammofon



    rune grammofon



    Raus Aus Stavanger

    RCD 2049

    EAN: 7033662020492


    Anders Hana: Guitar

    Morten J. Olsen: Drums, electronics

    Release: 16.01.06


    MoHa! is the latest Rune Grammofon signing and the youngest artists on the label as well.  Guitarist Anders Hana turned 23 the day before he and longtime friend Morten J. Olsen (24) went into Athletic Sound in August 2005 to record "Raus Aus Stavanger", their first proper release as a duo. They have played together for 8 years and have recorded together with American saxophone player Andrew D´Angelo as Morthana, with Norwegian sax player Frode Gjerstad and Noxagt bassist Kjetil Brandsdal as Ultralyd and in a quartet with Gjerstad and bassist Per Zanussi. As a duo they have also released two very limited CD-R´s during the last 2 years.


    Anders Hana is the son of a guitarist and has played the guitar since he was 10. He is currently a member of Jaga Jazzist, Noxagt, Ultralyd and Ingebrigt Flaten Quintet.


    Morten J. Olsen has played drums since the age of 10, and also plays the vibraphone. He has studied at the music acadamy in Amsterdam. He is currently a member of Ultralyd, Office-R(6), M/N/O/G and Thomas Dybdahl's band (Norwegian singer/songwriter).


    Together or apart they have played with a long list of people and groups  including Phô, the N-ensemble, Fred Frith, Axel Dörner, Arve Henriksen, Paal Nilssen-Love, Mats Gustafsson,  John Hegre, Lasse Marhaug, Pål Jackman, Dr. Didi Bruckmayr, Garth Knox, Frank Gratkowsky, Michael Moore and the late Steve Lacy.  


    "Raus Aus Stavanger" was recorded in the analogue heaven of Athletic Sound, home of great sounding releases from Supersilent and Scorch Trio. And if pushed to find references, these two acts are possibly among those that MoHa! have most in common with. And as with these two acts, everything was recorded live in the studio with no overdubs, showing two young musicians at a very high level of control, communication and creative powers in their playing.


    MoHa! is part of the N-Collective, an international conglomerate of musicians, composers, improvisors and artists.


    "C5" first appeared on "The Wire Tapper 14" and the actual recording of this track can be seen on http://www.thewire.co.uk/web/camera.php



    A2 / B1 / B3 / C5 / C7 / B2 / C8 / C4 / A4 / B5


    Tour dates

    "Raus Aus Stavanger Release Tour 2006"

    19.01 Kristiansand (Charlie´s Bar), Norway

    20.01 Stavanger (Sting jazzklubb), Norway

    21.01 Bergen (Kvarteret), Norway

    23.01 Rostock (Stubnitz), Germany

    24.01 Berlin (Scherer 8), Germany

    25.01 Köln (Kulturbunker Mülheim), Germany

    26.01 Paris (Instants Chavires), France

    27.01 (TBC)

    28.01 Hasselt (Kunstencentrum), Belgium

    29.01 Brüssel (L´Archiduc), Belgium NB: at 17.00

    29.01 Leuven (Stuk), Belgium

    30.01 Amsterdam (OT301, Kraakgeluiden), The Netherlands