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03.04.09 TAPE THAT and the M-Office play 'Catalogue' and pieces by Tom Johnson at Flagey, Brussels
08.03.09 Jeff Carey sitting in w/ Second Nature at the 2640 Space in Baltimore
15.02.09 Jeff Carey electro-instrumental solo at Pyramid Atlantic, Silver Spring, MD
16.11.08 The Liquid N plays 'Formas' by KN at Exploratorium - Berlin
29.05.08 TAPE THAT and MoHa! play The Hague Teaming up again for a double gig at TAG
28-29.03.08 TAPE THAT and MoHa! play lisbon and porto together.
1.03.08: DONT TOUCH ME!
you dont know where I´ve been
Bjørnar Habbestad premiers work by Alwynne Pritchard at BOREALIS
17.02.08 Mayas / Nutters / Olsen / Galvez play Goethe institute Amsterdam
Buttercup Metal Polish hits the road with d.v.d japanese drums/visuals unit d.v.d joins BMP for shows in Berlin and Switzerland!!
14-16.12.07 New N Events in Norway featuring I.Hayosh, A.Avelas, J.Carey, N Ensemble, Blodsprut, Modern Guitar Ensemble,
06.12.07 TAPE THAT plays the CATALOGUE at a special location in Amsterdam
10.11.07 TAPE THAT New Catalogue performance in Q-02, Brussels - after a 10 day residency. go hear THAT!
15.10.07 N Ensemble plays again More Liquids at DNK-Amsterdam
08.10-19.10 Buttercup Metal Polish Japan tour!
BMP hit the japanese road again with swiss pianist Jacques Demierre
1-10.10.07 East Coast Tour (USA) SKIF++ hit the road again.
19.09-27.10 MoHa! on tour!
in Europe with new material
27-30.09.07 HighZero Festival (USA) Jeff Carey performs at Baltimore's Highzero Festival
19.09.07 Wavefield Synthesis Concert (NL) Jeff Carey and Robert van Heumen present new works for WFS
03.06.07 N Event 21 in Amsterdam Ultralyd and N Ensemble staying together.
31.05.07 N event 20 in Bergen Ultralyd & N ensemble coming together
19.04.07 N Event 19 in Cologne in the Koelnische Kunstverein at 19:00. Presenting two pieces by James Beckett
12.03.07 Das Atmende Klarsein, Bergen (N) Habbestad performs Nono`s seminal work at BOREALIS
02.03.07 N Ensemble / TAPE THAT "Music Performs" at Netwerk, Aalst, BE
29.01.07: PHô LIVE at DNK-Amsterdam The noise beast has awaken
19.12.06 N Event 18 in Berlin featuring: James Beckett & Koen Nutters, Christophe Meierhans, M/N/O/G, Anders Hana, and the N Ensemble.
02.12.06 Point Source 01, Beckett/Nutters and DJ aNdre playing loud music at Consortium, Amsterdam
01.12.06 N Collective at Composition Symposium Jeff Carey's Point Source 01 and SKIF at BAM zaal, Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam
23.11.06 DNK-Amsterdam / N-Collective Extra Event MoHa! plays and DJ Andre Avelas stays at OT301
22.11.06 N Event 17 at Paradox, Tilburg (NL)
Office-R(6) SKIF++ and MoHa!
09.11.06 N Event 16
Extended N-event in Theater Kikker, Utrecht featuring N-Fringe band: Noxagt, Skif++ and MoHa!
10-16.10.06 N Tour Eastcoast USA N playing at various venues at the USA eastcoast.
06/07.10.06 N Event 15 at the Sonic Circuits Festival in Washington DC
08.09.06 N Event 14 at the Gaudeamus Muziek Week Amsterdam
12-16.07.06 Noise Room at 5 Days Off festival presents Vector by Jeff Carey and Twelve Bullets by Robert van Heumen
15-16.06.06 ON/OFF - Bjørnar Habbestad solo Auccoustic and electronic music for solo flute in Oslo and Stavanger.
05.05.06 USA/USB at Version_06 USA/USBs first performance on american soil!
18.04.06 N-Collective April tours
N will be on the road in Europe
04.04.06 SKIF++ at )toon)
the visual music improv trio goes to Haarlem
03.04.06 N Collective on the Radio Office-R, MoHa!, PHO and TAPE THAT on De Concertzender.
29.03.06 Jeff Carey @ SEAMUS National Conference presenting the work '3 Environments' on March 30-31
Practicum 06a Friday Performances Every Friday Performances by N and Others
Check out the Program!
25.02.06 Office-R(6) SKIF++ and MoHaHa at Sonic Acts N EVent at Sonic Acts in Amsterdam.
05.02.06 Practicum 06a the opening performance at POSTCS with Beckett, Nutters, Olsen, Louise Baduel, and the N Ensemble. 20:00.
N Collective Laboratory goes INSTANT MUSIC New electro-acoustic group touring Holland and Belgium in mid january.
19 & 20.12.05 Practicum 05b at NADINE (Brussels) Koen Nutters, Morten J. Olsen, and James Beckett are currently working at the NADINE Theater in Brussels. Presentations on 19 and 20 December.
28.11.2005 N presentation at Kraakgeluiden, Amsterdam Buttercup Metal Polish, Morten Solo, buyu/heumo, and Office-R(6) will play 4 little sets. nice hang afterwards.
26.11.2005 SKIF at TAC Eindhoven Conquering the South
25.11.2005 N Event 9 at Mediamatic (Amsterdam) N event Number 9 at post CS!!! Come check the action.
24.11.2005 N Event 8 at WORM, Rotterdam G/M/N/O, DBO-Recordable, J-PHO and TAPE THAT Installation.
14.11.2005 De Schaak & humanelectric - Zaal100 De Schaak / humanelectric in concert at Zaal100
08.11.2005: SKIF @ proeflokaal in Theater Kikker The legendairy SKIF will play in Utrecht - expect a 20 minute blast
04.11.2005: M/N/O/G Total Music Meeting
The Berlin based TMM festival presents N Collective's acoustic stillborn.
24.10.2005: Muziek voor iedereen! Special Radiantslab evening at Kraakgeluiden, Amsterdam
22.10.2005: USA/USB at EKKO festival USA/USB joins forces in Bergen, this time at the EKKO.
26.09.05: TAPE THAT St.Petersburg Docu on the Radio. De Concertzender will broadcast: Part 1, Version 1, of the TAPE THAT St.Petersburg SKIF Festival Audio Document.
28.08.2005: Office-R(6) in Oslo at Blå, and Fe-mail + Kjetil Møster will "warm" up
27.08.2005: Office-R(6) in Bergen at our favorite Landmark
26.08.2005: Dirk, Morten and Koen to Trondheim to play with Michael Duch and Anita Kaasbøll at Blæst.
26.08.2005: LiSa and SC3 workshops Robert and Jeff will introduce you to their respective computerized tools at Tou in Stavanger.
25.08.2005: N event 7 at the Numusic Festival
N Collective will curate a full days program at Numusic, Stavanger (N). Stockhausen is also coming.
11.08.2005: Ultralyd live at Spasibar as a part of Øya klubb festival
30.07.2005: MoHa! at Safe as Milk, Haugesund The duo is about to brake on through
08.07.2005: Morten's solo concert at TOU playing SuperCollider, percussion and minidiscs, with SKYPE contributions by Bjørnar Habbestad and Thomas Dybdahl.
30.06.05: TAPE THAT at Club 11. TAPE THAT will do a small presentation as part of the website-launchparty of inhalexhale at club 11.
27.06.05: TAPE THAT (The Catalogue) Live at ot301 (Amsterdam) Tape that will present their catalogue of flat hits at the Kraakgeluiden sessions in the OT301.
21:30 - don't be late.
17.06.2005: TAPE THAT plays Ausland TAPE THAT in Berlin (D): Premiering their new sonic catalogue at Ausland.
27.05.2005: Office-R(6) plays BIMhuis Office-R(6) at the BIMhuis, Amsterdam (NL).
13.05.2005: N Event 6 New electronic and acoustic pleasures from the N Collective at Overtoom 301, Amsterdam (NL)
02.05.2005: Mohaha! + Doctor G and the F. Boys Werkplaats at the Kraakgeluiden
22 April: TAPE THAT tapes SKIF Festival in St.Petersburg Critical Dutch Culture presented one evening long at the St.Petersburg SKIF festival.
Morthana April 2005 tour in the nordic countries + amsterdam
15th of March: N Collective at BOREALIS N plays the BOREALIS festival
01.03.2005: K&M (Koen & Morten)
with Michael Moore and Richard Koch
Tuesday Zaal 100 our favourite zaal at 22:00
15 Januari: N Event 4 at De Balie The Next N Event, this time at De Balie in Amsterdam, launching the new "N Ensemble" playing new work of Koen Nutters as well as performances of Robert van Heumen & Michel Waisvisz, Thai on Top, Db, TAPE THAT, Video Brian McKenna and many more!
23 December: Seamus Cater & Robert van Heumen Sleeping Japanese / opening 'raw sleep' exhibition @ 66 east / amsterdam
Dec 21-23: Yule Festival three days of concerts and light installations.
Concert by 87Central at de oude kerk (Amsterdam)
8 December: PHO and Brown vs. Brown at OCCII (Amsterdam) The PHO trio (on their Euro tour 2004) and Brown vs. Brown will play OCCII on december 8. Special Guest: Anders Hana on Guitar! Don't miss this festival of intensity!
6-18 December: Phô is touring on the Cross Country Christmas tour from here to there and back.
4 October: Jeff Carey presents new work in NYC Presentation of new work at Harvestworks, NYC 4 October 2004
16 - 18 September: N ensemble in new Martin Butler Piece: PHOENIX The N ensemble will play music by Koen Nutters in Martin Butler's new dance piece: PHOENIX in 'Brakke Grond' Theatre on september 14 - 18.
28 August: Thai on Top entering Het Concertgebouw You better believe it buddy!!
Saturday August 28th at 19:30!!
8 July: N at STEIM This Thursday the 8th of July at STEIM
4 June: Det e jo rock for faen at Klubb Kanin Releaseconcert at "Klubb Kanin", Trondheim, Norway
Thai on Top in the It's Festival Sunday 27th of June in the
Engelbak (NES) Amsterdam
PHO at STEIM gimme.gimme.gimme.gimme
24 June: Jeff Carey presents 'Redshift' June 24th Korzo Theater, Den Haag
TAPE THAT at NADINE Check out the live streaming NOW click here
Hey check it out there's
Mayas/Nutters/Olsen+Dörner Friday june 18th 21:00 at Stralau 68, Berlin
Morten J. Olsen - final exam Thursday June 3rd 19:00
Theaterzaal (316) Conservatorium van Amsterdam
Join us (N) as we disrobe the institution
TAPE THAT live at Kunstvlaai and lokaal 01 TAPE THAT will tape and play on tuesday 11th of may at westergasfabriek as part of the Kunstvlaai festival curated by Nathalie Bruys. Also they will play lokaal 01 (Breda) on friday 14th of may. www.listen.to/aikitwifwirikia
Process-Everything Project (PEP-SC3) RealSearch period at STEIM presented at Kraakgeluiden Monday 10th of May at 21:00
Office-R(6) at Mediamatic Salon Office-R(6) will perform on Sunday May 9th at the Mediamatic SuperMarkt
SOIL Ensemble plays Koen Nutters' "Potential (fragments)" 27th of April in De vorst (Tilburg) 28th of April in Korzo (The Hague)
N event / X-OR Record release at Mediamatic (Amsterdam) On the 29th of April at 19:00 the second N event will take place in Mediamatic (www.mediamatic.net) in Amsterdam. This will be the official record release of the N sampler. (Released on X-OR records) The evening will feature: Office-R(6), Thai on top, PHO2, DJKODI and much