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USA/USB electronic music on a mission.
Phô "..unimaginable amounts of energy crossed with a total lack of compromise.."
Office-R(6) Office-R(6) is an electro-acoustic sextet playing structured improvisations.
TAPE THAT Brussels/Amsterdam based duo dealing with layers of abstract and concrete sounds and the manipulation of the acoustic environment in different performative circumstances.
Mayas / Nutters / Olsen / Galvez Quartet This acoustic quartet plays real time compositions generated while they play as if they unveil a universe of interrelated sounds and pitches.
The N Ensemble Flexible, project based, ensemble of the N Collective
MoHa! Arhythmical funky grind concrete 2 piece
Buttercup Metal Polish acoustic drumset duo
SKIF++ Bursts, discontinuities, and beautiful carpets.
Morthana Andrew D'Angelo trio
DBO Bruinsma/Habbestad/Buyukberber in acoustic mayhem
Ultralyd Latest signing to the Norwegian label Rune Grammofon
humanelectric environmental sounds - abstract digital crackles
Buyukberber/VanHeumen dense structures, smashed beyond repair
Thai on Top Percussion Duo investigating semi-structured sound improvisation.
87 Central Now retired, laptop synthesis, processing, and feedback systems.
HaKj Gitar/Sax duo
Soloists Numerous members of the n-collective perform solo