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TAPE THAT and 87 Central are now available via iTunes
New Band! Koen Nutters and Morten J. Olsen are teaming up with Boris Baltschun and Michael Thieke to explore the world of pitches.
Lots of new releases in the release section. Check them out!
Bjørnar Habbestad solo/oslo
3 flutes, 1 room, some people, 1 mike.
Habbestad collaborates with CARTE BLANCHE/E.C.Richardsen 10 shows coming up in Bergen and Oslo
Jeff Carey teaching SC3 5 day course at STEIM
N Event 22 Pictures of the installations of Andre Avelas and Idan Hayosh and of all the performances.
New N Events coming up in December! featuring installation artists Idan Hayosh and Andre Avelas
Habbestad+Seijiro Murayama Bjørnar Habbestad/Seijiro Murayama at Sound of Mu, Oslo
Duch&Habbestad on tour with LEMUR Michael Duch and Bjørnar Habbestad joins Lene Grenager and Hild Sofie Tafjord of SPUNK/fe-mail-fame in their new ensemble LEMUR.
26.09.07 Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore (USA) "What is SuperCollider 3" talk by Jeff Carey
News from Rune Grammofon
MoHa! 'Norwegianism' and Ultralyd 'Conditions for a Piece of Music'
Release date: 21st of May 2007
Gjerstad/Lonberg-Holm/Habbestad Saxes,cello,flutes&electronics
New Release By ButtercupMetalPolish "50 Ballets" by Nicolas Field & Alexandre Babel is finally released on Creative Sources Recordings
N Stream is up! Listen to 4 hours of N music played at random!
New Liquid Composition by the N Ensemble. Played on N Event 14 in Het Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam.
DBO R&D-week
Organized wind-mayhem in Bergen
Concertzender presents music of Jeff Carey on July 3rd at 22:00 (GMT +2)
New track from USA/USB! directly from the extrapool studio sessions
Practicum 06a Opening Video from the opening performance of the N Collective: Practicum 06a Exhibition featuring the N Ensemble, Louise Baduel, and James Beckett
MoHa! Video from their upcoming album on Runegramofon

MoHa! - Raus Aus Stavanger Released January 16th 2006 on Rune Grammofon
N Event at Sonic Acts 2006 (Amsterdam) Office-R(6), SKIF + Bas van Koolwijk and MoHa! + Fredrik Hana will appear at Sonic Acts XI on the 25th of February 2006.
USA/USB hype in the WIRE
now - soon to be hipsters..
Pictures from Ultralyd euro tour
Stuffed photos from the Ultralyd Euro Tour September 2005.
Sounds and Images from the
seventh N-Event

MP3 files and high res pictures from the last N Event at the NUMUSIC Festival in Stavanger, Norway.
humanelectric, Buyukberber/VanHeumen and SKIF material added sound files, photos and 2 new groups in n-world
K&M in Bruxelles at Nadine/Tani
New M/N/O/G Material: The Danziger Sessions New rehearsal recordings from Berlin, July 2005
MoHa! review of live show
at the Safe-as-milk festival in Haugesund
Mayas / Nutters / Olsen / Galvez Review Pretty really positive review by Michael Anthony Parker of their new record out on FMR 'It's dirty in the different tradition'
Numusic is closing in N Collective training camp takes place in Amsterdam these days
MoHa! on Rune Grammofon
They spent two days in Athletic studio in Halden
Transparency Project The new project of K&M in collaboration with Katalina Mella Araneda, James Beckett, and the N ensemble will be developed in NADINE (Brussels) and produced by Mediamatic (Amsterdam)
Office-R(6) release on LAMPSE records 4 tracks of the 2004 STEIM studio recordings... Soon... Soon...
Dirk Bruinsma/Morten J. Olsen
Download/Stream The Rustenburger sessions vol. 2
USA/USB N spreads like a cancer! The latest offspring of the collective is USA/USB - electronic music on a mission.
Mayas/Nutters/Olsen/Galvez soon to release on FMR records Soon the british Future Music Records will release the Kokkjoy sessions, recorded in Berlin by the acoustic quartet.
N LIVE AT STEIM. Out now on A-Version records! N live at STEIM summer 2004. Performances by Office-R(6), Thai on Top and PHO.
Interview with Anders and Morten Interview with MoHa in the Norwegian web magazine Groove.no
MoHa! New EP "Rock, meg i rauå" HUMBUG is our friend!
2 N events in Norway The next 2 N events will take place in Bergen (Borealis Festival) and Stavanger (NU Music festival) in march and august 2005.
Bjørnar Habbestad presents t3l4Rt_03 Bjørnar Habbbestad of PHÔ, db, and N-Ensemble fame presents t3l4Rt_03 at the exhibition DETOX at Bergen Kunsthall.
New Mayas Nutters Olsen Galvez mp3 Listen to a short track from the Berlin Kokkjoy sessions
Review of N collective record on X-OR A review by Ken Waxman.
...and he doesn't like electronics.
TAPE THAT Review A review by Frans de Waard in VITAL WEEKLY.
TAPE THAT Album released on HUMBUG The first TAPE THAT album "The Autumn Collection" has been released on HUMBUG Records
Phô review Phô review in Vital Weekly
Humbug records about to release PHO and TAPE THAT Its coming soon:

PHO - This is Handywork
TAPE THAT - The Autumn Collection

Another new release from morten and anders (and frode and kjetil) ULTRALYD is the name of this new record out on FMR (London)
Recording of the latest N Event at STEIM Listen to these quick (but nice) mixes of OfficeR, Thai on Top, D'Angelo on Top and Phô live from STEIM!
The N ensemble in the new Martin Butler Piece The N Ensemble will be playing live on stage in the new piece by Martin Butler and the LIMINAL INSTITUTE called PHOENIX.
New release from Morten and Anders "MoHa" or "MorAn" or "Morten and Anders" or "Hana/Olsen" - duo has released an album called "Det e jo rock for faen"
N sampler review KindaMuziek wrote some funny stuff about us...
Mr B featured on BBC Radio Mr B on BBC Radio3
PHô on disc Finnaly! its gonna come..
Check out this small version of the N Ensemble For Brian McKenna`s great video documentation: click here
N Collective CD Check it out: click here
Morthana Release on Jazzaway Andrew D'Angelo, Anders Hana and Morten J. OIsen