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  MoHa! - Norwegianism
Release date: 21.05.07
  MoHa! - Rock/Off
'siste del i trilogien med rock i navnet'
7" white vinyl out on Humbug.
feat one track with Pål Jackman and two tracks with John Hegre. Click the cover to get a copy!
  Buttercup Metal Polish - 50 Ballets
Creative Sources

Nicolas Field: drums/percussion
Alexandre Babel: drums/percussion

Nicolas Field: drums/percussion
Gilles Aubry: laptop
'All the unhappiness of man stems from one thing only: that he's incapable of staying quietly in his room.'
  N Collective - News from Holland vol.1
N Collective's debut CD, showcasing the efforts of all the different N groups such as: Office-R (4 & extended), PHO, Thai on Top, and 87central. X-OR Records
  N Live at STEIM
Office-R(6), Thai on Top, and Phô on one CD! LIVE!
This was N event number 3! The whole thing!
Go to A-Version Records
  MoHa! - Rock; meg i rauå!
EP out on HUMBUG.
click the cover to order!
(or e-mail: tchartan@yahoo.com
and fill in the subject field yourself)
The Autumn Collection

The first TAPE THAT album, released on HUMBUG. Click the cover to order!
(or simply e-mail tchartan@yahoo.com)
  Mayas / Nutters / Olsen / Galvez
It's dirty in the different tradition

Their debut album released on FMR-records
  Phô - This is Handiwork
Phô's debut album, recorded in Duper Studios with Sir Duperman ensuring that the sonic qualities are right where they belong.
  Le doigt de Galilée - Object 5
Drummer Nicolas Field of Phô and DIPSA in a collaboration with electronicist Jaime Fennelly. "Object 5" is released onLocust Music.
Daft apeth accord
My sun reverse your mailman
  MoHa! - Det e jo rock, for faen!
It's sold out though, so please let us know if anyone wants to re-release it!

  87 Central - Formation
Using environmental recordings and electronics, these tracks present more than the directness of documentary field recordings and recreate experiences of active listening: the warning beacon on a jetty in the North Sea during a winter night as container ships arrive in port; the intensity and activity of crackling rhythms and the continuous energy of fire; and the night life of an urban power plant in the heat of summer.

87 Central website