Christophe Meierhans - Samples, Mixer, Microphones
Koen Nutters - Objects, Minidiscs, CD's, Microphones, Mixer

(Photograph by S.Cater)

TAPE THAT Projects:


A growing collection of short static pieces.

"The Catalogue of Flat Hits" is a collection of, currently, 156 short, static pieces composed of object sounds, field recordings, microphonics, and samples. These pieces can be played live or can be presented as an interactive sound installation.

We are looking for a label to release a CD with 99 catalogue pieces.

A couple of pieces from The Catalogue of Flat Hits:

Catalogue Number 29 Cardboard, shaking and spraying
Catalogue Number 86 Hands and backwards European cup
Catalogue Number 55 Gonzales and No Heartbeat
Catalogue Number -- Cocktails and Screwdriver (Deleted)
Catalogue Number 75 Chopstick and Door

"Mozart Takes"

A Live TAPE THAT Remix of the Mozart string trio in Eb Major.

Performance with N Ensemble BXL at Netwerk, Aalst

More Mozart pictures here

"The Autumn Collection"

Studio Recordings and CD release.

In the Autumn of 2003 TAPE THAT recorded a large number of different pieces in an old police station in Berlin using objects, samples, fieldrecordings and a complex microphone set up. A selection of these pieces was released on 'Humbug' Records as 'The Autumn Collection'.

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Here are two of the Autumn tracks:

recorded live to DAT.
No Overdubs, minimal editing

Metal Type II Fantomas, Mos Def and Samples
This Has Been Taped Objects and samples on top of a fieldrecording

What is THAT?

TAPE THAT tapes almost everthing and layers it with almost everything else. Not soundscapes, but pieces of music created by juxtaposing different sounds in different spaces. Live playing in the studio layered, in real time, with ambient recordings from other places, complex microphone set ups recording the sounds up close and afar, samples put directly to TAPE as well as being recorded in the room, switching from this to THAT according to different principles of organisation and different structural limitations; different species of hits: The Background Hits, The Very Room Hits, Hit Hits, Pure Tape Hits, etc.


email: tapethat@contrepied.de

TAPE THAT sound PRESERVE THAT sound LAYER THAT environment.

TAPE THAT Installation in the Stavanger NUMUSIC Festival 2005


TAPE THAT Live at Kunstvlaai Art Fair, Amsterdam 2004

2 Screenshots from the live stream of the NADINE 2004 PROJECT

TAPE THAT playing 'The Catalogue of Flat Hits' at DNK-Amsterdam